The past year has been full of excitement and worries. First of all there was a strong desire to work on a startup. Then a decision to close off all the projects this year and start a new journey next year. I focused so hard to build the systems to help achieve the goals but was not a 100 percent successful. Anyhow, I did grew a lot while practicing the new approach. The whole thing was motivated by the following quote by James Clear.

You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.

James Clear

This quote resonated at such a deep level with me that it became my guiding light for the past year. Upto 2020, I was working mostly alone and was trying to build new software packages. 2020 was the corona year, and I could not work with total efficiency towards my personal and professional goals. 2021 started with the hope that this year would be different and we would work from the lab as a team. But, unfortunately for 50% of the year, we were not able to work from the lab. The good thing about this experience was that I learned a lot regarding remote working with a team that somewhat aligns with my long-term goals.