The problem

I have used the moving theme to develop my jekyll website for this year. Next year I wish to make this website more personal and thus add custom layouts and pages. For that I need to develop the website locally on my computer and once I feel good with it I can push it to the world. In the process I also wish to learn Javascript development. old_blog

The Solution

  • Start by making a new branch for the website. This way I could do all the devleopment and still keep on posting blog posts on my main website.
  • Then install Jekyll : This could be done by going to the official website and follow along the instructions.
  • Follow the Quickstart guide :cd into the source repo and follow along the quickstart guide to start the local server. The website would then be hosted on http://localhost:4000/
  • Happy coding: Now any changes to the source files would result in change in the local build. Once satisfied, I can merge back my changes to the main branch.