The problem

Meetings are essential to guide the whole team towards the end goal of the project. But, unprepared meetings could lead to wastage of time for everyone attending it.

The Solution

It is imperative to have a proper format and have some ground rules to conduct meetings.

  • Prepration with a clear purpose in mind: Every meeting should have an agenda that should clearly tell the attendess what issues will be discussed in the meeting. A well planned meeting agenda will maximize the effectiveness of the meeting. Those who make the most of meetings frequently spend substantially more time preparing for the meeting than in the meeting itself.

    To abuse other people’s time by failing to prepare shorter, better meetings amounts to stealing a portion of their lives.

    Drucker, Peter F., The Effective Executive

  • Participation of participants: Meetings should be limited to those who are actively involved in the agenda of the meeting. Also, everyone attending the meeting should actively participate in the creation and finalization of the agenda of the meeting. The agenda should detail the key points to be discussed during the meetings and the supplimentary material required for the discussion. The supplimentary material should be attached in such a sense that it helps other attendess understand the issue.


  • Create a new meeting in notion before sending meeting link in slack. image-20220124162518851

  • Notify the attendess about the meeting by tagging them. image-20220124162731275

  • Decide the meeting agenda with the participants in the comment section image-20220124162911119

  • Prepare a good agenda by following this guide.

  • Assign the meeting name to all the action items that you wish to discuss in the meeting.


Final thoughts

Meetings are effective only if they are prepared well and also have a clear outcome. In the next post I will discuss about how to conduct a meeting and derive actionable items from the minutes of meeting.