Computer science was not that mainstream in my village (in 2006). Since I had a seat in Civil engineering from one of the premium institutions of India, I chose Civil as my engineering domain. The love for coding was still in there with me. For my final year project, I decided to make a simple software with the capabilities of STAAD Pro - one of the big names for reinforced cement concrete structureโ€™s analysis and design. The plan was to make it such that it could do the research and design of a building.


  • MATLAB code was developed to analyze and design an RCC structure based on input joint (beam-column, beam-beam) coordinate data.
  • The same story plan was assumed for all the floors, and columns were located at the joints.
  • The code was validated with STAAD Pro.
  • Design of slab, beam, column, and footing was automated in the MATLAB code.
  • To the scale, drawings were generated automatically as an output of the code.