Before submitting the final thesis, we have to give a synopsis report and presentation that marks the end of our Ph.D. journey. A synopsis report intends to enable the student review committee to judge whether a prima facie case exists for accepting the proposed Ph.D. thesis to award the Ph.D. degree. You can read more about it here.

One of the synopsis report sections is titled - ā€œProposed Contents of the Thesis.ā€ The primary intention of this section is to get approval from your supervisor over the layout of the thesis. Here you decide the flow of the final dissertation.

  • Chapter name: First, you broadly decide on the name of the chapters that you wish to include in the thesis.
  • Chapter contents: Next, you state the intention of the chapter. This step will help you and your supervisor have clarity and agreement over the thesis contents and avoid rework due to miscommunication. Once finalized, this will become the guiding light for writing your thesis.