I have been thinking for a long time to come up with a simple way to store my daily findings online. Initially I have tried to keep them in a notion page, but that way they are not accessibly by my team members. Recently I have found many solution to my research problems on websites of fellow researchers working in the same field. This has motivated me to document my daily findings online in my personal blog.

I have created a WordPress based website for my lab, but I don’t want to clutter that with daily posts. Moreover I find it inconvenient to use the editor provided by WordPress. On a daily basis we work with many formulas and images. It is quite easy to directly format them with Markdown on the laptop. I have always found it difficult to do the same easily on the online editor. Thus, I have decided to shift my blog to Jekyll. This way I can easily document in Markdown on my laptop and then at the end of the day push that to my website using the same workflow that I use to push my code to GitHub.