This job was another one of those projects at NPCIL that helped me explore the power of programming. The identification of the location of boreholes for geotechnical analysis was ever-changing based on the inputs from different departments. This change required close collaboration between other individuals and thus resulted in human error.

The idea for this project was again to have a central database and connect the design drawing with that database. I figured out how to establish a connection between AutoCAD and Excel. This partnership was a game-changer as now I could name different boreholes in Excel and then map them to the AutoCAD drawing.

Here are the highlights of that work.

  • A central database was established to manage the location of boreholes. This database was updated with the data from different departments.
  • The AutoCAD drawing was mapped to the actual scale of the site, and then the bore-holes with the proper naming convention were plotted onto the drawing from Excel.

The above work resulted in streamlining the process of drawing generation. The seniors so much appreciated it that when I had my farewell from NPCIL, I had to present this methodology to the whole group. Even the group director came to watch this presentation.