👋 Hi, I'm Abhinav Gupta

Hi, I am Abhinav Gupta

I am a professional CAE engineer with doctorate in computational mechanics.

Since 2017, I have worked on developing HPC algorithms for simulation as a part of my doctoral studies. On this website, you will find a culmination of ideas and notes on productivity, presentation, coding, research, simulation, and animation.

Abhinav Gupta

What’s New

Date Event
18/04/2023 Article on “A continuous field adaptive mesh refinement algorithm for isogeometric topology optimization using PHT-Splines” has been accepted for publication in CMAME.
26/08/2022 Article on “Adaptive phase-field modeling of brittle fracture using a robust combination of error-estimator and markers” has been accepted for publication in Engineering Fracture Mechanics.
20/07/2022 Article on “An adaptive mesh refinement algorithm for phase-field fracture models: Application to brittle, cohesive, and dynamic fracture” has been accepted for publication in CMAME. It was submitted on 02/07/2022, and got accepted in 18 days 🤯🥳.
09/04/2022 Article on “Adaptive isogeometric topology optimization using PHT splines” has been accepted for publication in Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering.
11/10/2021 Article on metamaterials accepted in Finite Elements in Analysis and Design
23/08/2021 Completed training course Introduction to using Firedrake on ARCHER2. ARCHER2 is the UK National Supercomputing Service
23/03/2021 Gave talk at the FEniCS 2021 conference Run-time from 300 years to 300 min: Lessons learned in large-scale modeling in FEniCS
15/12/2020 Published the 55-line code article in arXiV.
19/07/2020 Achieved a personal goal of developing the shortest topology optimization code with FEniCS. So happy about it 🥳😁.
11/05/2020 Working topology optimization code in FEniCS achieved in 99 lines. Started development on 08/05/2020
24/06/2020 Article on hyperelasticity published in Engineering Fracture Mechanics
30/05/2020 Article on adaptivity published in Theoretical and Applied Fracture Mechanics
16/12/2019 Gave a presentation on “Developement of Isogeometric elements” at BARC, Mumbai
15/11/2019 Completed 5 days GIAN course on Advanced isogeometric analysis by Prof. Alessandro Reali
03/09/2019 Successfully completed GSoC2019 🥳
07/05/2019 Got accepted to Google summer of code 2019 🥳
22/03/2019 Gave a presentation on “Isogeometric Shape Optimization” at IISC-Bangalore
13/02/2019 PHD Candidacy 😄
25/10/2018 Completed 5 days course on HPC and Deep Learning at EICT Academy, ECE Department, IIT Roorkee
20/01/2018 Completed GIAN course on Topology optimization at IISC-Bangalore
20/12/2017 Completed GIAN course on Isogeometric analysis at IIT-BHU by Prof. Mukesh Kumar
10/12/2017 Completed the mandatory course work at IIT Roorkee.
23/08/2017 Joined IIT Roorkee. Finally starting a journey that I had dreamt of for so long.
19/05/2017 Got accepted to PhD program at IIT Roorkee.
2010 Got accepted for the role of scientific officer at Department of atomic energy
2010 Got accepted for M.Tech in Structural engineering at IIT Roorkee
2010 Cleared GATE. All India Rank - 161
2006 Cleared AIEEE. State Rank - 220
2006 Developed software “Fee Management System” using DBMS language FOXPRO.

Awards and Scholarships

Date Award
2019 Google Summer of Code Scholarship, Google
11/03/2018 Got third place in “Google - Techstars Startup Weekend” on the idea of centralized system for agriculture management.
2017 HP Higher education award, Himachal Government, India
2017 MHRD Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resource Development, India
2010 DAE Graduate Fellowship, Board of research in nuclear science, India
2010 MHRD Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resource Development, India
2006 HP board student award, Himachal Government, India
2005 HP board student award, Himachal Government, India
2004 Certificate of Distinction, National Computer Olympiad, India







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