I have always felt resistance to writing on the internet, whether it is a blog post or a short tweet. I do not understand for whom I am writing all of this. I am, in part, writing for the future students who might work with me, but it would feel quite natural if I had a person in my mind while documenting my thoughts and findings in the blogs or tweets. It will make it much easier and more realistic to write. Recently, a simple change in my mindset has helped me write with a purpose.

I am writing for my future self. That person is a different person.

I have to document for him so that he might thank me in the future for storing all of this information in the digital brain accessible to him. Our physical brains are incapable of holding a lot of data, and that is why we should transfer as much as possible to make room for new thoughts. My future self would benefit from my recent experiences. Thus, if I build a system to store the information in the digital brain that is easily accessible, he would be delighted.

So that is for whom I am making all of this contentโ€”the future Abhinav Gupta. The way in which I am going to make sure that he has a repository of ideas and learings in the digital brain is to divide my system into the following

  • Blogs: I will try to consistently document my findings here on the blog. These will be random thoughts and findings.
  • Tweets: I will try to squeez out good bits of information form my blog posts and convert them into text or visual tweets.
  • Newsletter: This I think is really important. It is very easy to become information hoarder and I have done this a lot in the past. We have to convert the stored information into a coherent piece of document to derive any benifit from it. With a newsletter, every sunday I can sit and go through all of the stuff of that week and create a good document out of it that would be useful of me and might help someone trying to achieve the same goals as me.
  • Videos: This could become the ultimate form of documentation. Creation of a small video to compress all of the knowlege into a short easily digestable, but highly information dense piece of content.

Also, recently I have come across another idea. Writing is a tool for thinking. You write to think clearly and articulate your thoughts into a coherent structure. This blog is my first attempt to try it out.