I have developed so many tools in the lab (in python) for easing my workflow. Now I wish to convert those to opensource packages so that I can easily install them in the future from PyPi and maybe they will become useful for some other people.

  • The process to convert my script to installable format starts with finding a good name for the script. For that I need to go to the following url and search whether that name is already taken or not. Fortunately for me the name meshx was not taken so I am using the same.

  • Next, we need to make a GitHub repository with the same name. Here is mine

  • Then we have to clone the repo to our development machine and start adding our code. PyPi expects our code to be in a particular format that is available at this Real python tutorial

  • To test the code install it in editable format

    pip install -e .
  • Once the code is thoroughly tested, it is time to push the code to PyPi

  • In the root folder of project type the following

    pip install twine
    python setup.py sdist bdist_wheel
    twine upload dist/*
  • You can now install the project by using the following command

    sudo -H pip install meshx


Creating a repository on PyPi is quite straight forward if we follow the steps correctly. I have added the references below that I have used to make this project. This project is quite small and anyone can read through all the files to get a feel for making there own project on PyPi.