Here are my steps to create a video file of the animation from Paraview.

  • Select the proper color code and position of the plot in Paraview. Paraview will export the animation as it is presented on the application image-20210115171028235

  • Now goto File ā†’ Save Animation and save the animation into a folder of your choice. Save the animation as .png images.


  • Next open Video Editor app that comes bundled with Windows and click on New Project


  • This will create a new project on your computer. Next, drag and drop all the images that you have exported from Paraview into the Project library area.


  • Drag all the images from project library to timeline. image-20210116144238957

  • Select all the images in timeline by pressing Ctrl + A on your keyboard twice. Now, click on the duration button and change the duration of each image to \(\frac{1}{frame-rate} seconds\). That is if you want the frame-rate to be 20 fps then the image duration will be 1/20. image-20210116144612334

  • That is it. Now you can click on Finish video on top right and export the video.image-20210116144720280